‘Café des Amis’ Recommendation

Café des Amis is a Turkish Restaurant with a French cafe feel …and it’s located on Chesterfield Road! Anna Roberts share her recommendation of Café des Amis.

Café des Amis serves a range of Turkish and French-style cuisines, such as slow-cooked lamb stews or stuffed aubergines. Their speciality safaihs are a range of flatbreads served with roast vegetables/minced meat, salads and dips. Traditional English breakfasts are also available. For dessert, Café des Amis serves a range of picture-perfect pastries that make a great match to their Turkish coffee. Expect baklava, fresh cream cakes and pastel-coloured boxes of macaroons. There’s also a range of products available to take home, such as stuffed vine leaves, olives and luxury French jams.

Their speciality iced teas come in flavours such as green tea & mint, lemon & ginger, and fresh strawberry. These come beautifully garnished with fresh fruit. It’s also worth noting that the restaurant does not serve alcohol, but you may bring your own wine to have with a main meal. Packets of Tea Pigs tea can also be bought in-store.

Atmosphere is important and once you step inside Café des Amis with its exposed brick walls and shisha pipes, you do get a sense of distance from the street outside. Middle Eastern music surrounds you and colourful lanterns straight out of the souks of Marrakech cast an intimate, flickering glow over the restaurant.

Café des Amis is only a 10 minute walk from Abbeydale Road. Outdoor seating gives this Turkish restaurant a slightly more French feel. Out back is a shisha lounge with a wide range of flavoured tobaccos to try with “des amis” – your friends.

The small team of staff are personable and chatty, and always willing to make personal changes to your meal if you ask. This gives the restaurant a down-to-earth, community-based feel.
Value for Money:
Light snacks start at around £4, and mains are typically around £12. To get your best value for money, try the sharing platters which even out at around £5 per head and give you the chance to try a mezze of smaller dishes on the menu.

Photo by Gareth Fearn

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