Top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes in Sheffield


In selecting the top 5 vegetarian and vegan cafes in Sheffield, we’ve sought out those cafes that not only serve great vegetarian food, but are also great cafes in which to enjoy it. Give us your verdict on Sheffield’s vegetarian and vegan cafes in the comments below!

1) Blue Moon Cafe (more info)
Alongside the range of nutritious and imaginative food, such as carrot, peppers and coriander soup or Homety pie, their beers and wines are also vegan, vegetarian or organic. Blue Moon is a temporary art space in a quirky building that used to be an auction house. The cafe makes the most of its high ceilings, well lit space and rustic furniture to creating a comforting ambience.

2) The Farm Kitchen at Heeley City Farm (more info)
Heeley City Farm runs a vegetarian cafe within its premises with home-cooked, mostly organic, meals. Vegan options are available too and include a tofu sandwich or hearty, mixed vegetable soup. Considering the quality of food and its status as a charity, it is an incredibly cheap place to take the family for lunch and afternoon tea while supporting a good cause.

3) Homemade by Thelma’s (more info)
Found in Nether Edge, Homemade is a cafe and sometimes-Bistro, offering meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. The breakfast menu is extensive, including a vegan fry up consisting of vegan sausages, beans, mushrooms, spinach, roast tomato and toast. It also offers a vegan burger and shake night on Wednesdays.

4) Kaffihus Cafe at Hagglers Corner (more info)
Housed within a community of craft artists, music schools and a yoga studio, Kaffihus Cafe is part of what Hagglers Corner calls its ‘happy factory’. The cafe offers a superb range of teas and coffee along with lunchtime treats such as brie, rocket and Hagglers chutney sandwiches and local vegetarian samosas. The atmosphere is very relaxed as the hosts welcome you into their little part of Sheffield.

5) Woodland Holistics (more info)
Woodland Holistics is a one-stop shop for holistic needs including a shop to buy herbals teas, a beauty room for massages and a café to eat organic, fair-trade and locally sourced food. The specials change every day and include Aubergine cheese burgers or ‘Pulled not pork’ vegan baps. The children’s menu, an extensive range of herbal teas, regular money-off offers and a loyalty scheme adds to the brilliance of this unique café.

Photo by Gareth Fearn

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What do you think are the top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan cafes in Sheffield?

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    I think this is a bit misleading as Woodland Holistics for example isn’t a vegan or veggie cafe, a large amount of the dishes they sell are meat and they don’t use organic or fairtrade ingredients either. I don’t think a business should be able to call itself ‘veggie’ or ‘vegan’ if it sells meat. And if you say you are ‘organic’ or ‘fairtrade’ that should mean the majority of what you sell is, not just a few items.

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