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Located on Crookes High Street, Zara’s restaurant is without doubt one of Sheffield’s finest Indian restaurants. It offers traditional dishes as well as dishes to cater for more contemporary tastes. Anna Roberts goes along and shares her recommendation.

Zara’s has a range of Indian curries on its menu, including a choice of meat mixed with classic indian spices, or something different for the more daring, such as the Nizami Gosht with lamb, yoghurt and tamarind sauce. The vegetarian options are good, or if you’re the other way inclined, a Tandoori mixed grill can be brought sizzling to your table. An excuse to order more popadoms, should you need one, is that Zara’s provides a wider range of chutneys than you would usually find in an Indian restaurant.

The restaurant is full of rich red colours, ornate lighting and fresh flowers – representing the vibrancy of India. Warmth is added to the experience with the rich colours of the decor – yellows, oranges and reds. The lighting is low, so it’s best to visit when the sun has disappeared for the evening.

Located in the heart of Crookes, Zara’s adds an Indian offering to this little high street full of cafés and restaurants. It’s the perfect getaway for groups and families looking to share the poppadom and chutney trays. It’s also a good reason to make the trip to Crookes as the friendly staff and delicious food attract visitors from all around Sheffield. It’s never empty, so booking is recommended at the weekend.

The customer service is relaxed and not especially chit-chatty, but prompt, pleasant and obliging. The staff offer good advice about the spice level of the dishes, since the menu here is more authentically spicy than many other Indian restaurants in the UK.

Value for Money:
Zara’s is without doubt good value for money. Main courses range from £8 to £12, and starters are around £3-6. Add another £5 for a side. A group of 4 can pay £7.50 for a couple of poppadoms and a chutney tray to share. The drinks are very reasonable. Top off your meal with a liqueur coffee for only £3.50.

Photo by Mufaddal Zohair

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