Sheffield Ski Village – Time for Action!


There’s been much talk over the last few years about the sorry state of Sheffield Ski Village. It’s been three years since it burnt down and three years since it was announced that skiing in Sheffield would ‘rise from the ashes’, but three years later the site is still broken and dilapidated.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see what a great asset to Sheffield a new ski village would be. With half-decent marketing, a new ski village would provide Sheffield with the sort of talking point that would be the envy of cities all over the UK. It’s a funny thing that this is painfully obvious to people with vision like Ed Birch, Byron and Marcus Haywood-Alexander and Andy Dods, but seems to have been overlooked by many.

So, what better way of illustrating just how great the site could be than by making a film? And what a film it is! We all talk about bringing the Ski Village back to life, and once more having the opportunity to ski and snowboard in Sheffield’s hills. The difference is Byron, Marcus and Andy actually got on their skis and board and did it. Through this amazing film, they showed us once again the spectacular potential of the site.

If you think the future of Sheffield should include a new Ski Village, then sign this petition AND share this article to spread the word. Together, we can demonstrate just how many people would want to use a new winter sports facility.

The film entitled ‘Red Run | The Abandoned Ski Village’ has been produced by Salt-Street Productions, a Sheffield-based video production company that specialises in making short sport films.

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