Top 3 “Eat Social” Picks (Mon 12 – Sun 18 Oct)


Social Sheffield Food Editor, Simon Garlick picks his Top 3 “Eat Social” Recommendations for those eating out in Sheffield, Mon. 12 – Sun. 18 Oct. 2015

1. – Hot Dogs @ Rod’s Dogs (Fulwood Road, Broomhill)

There’s something about eating hot dogs that demands the right environment. If you can’t do it from a street vendor in New York, then a 50s-style American diner, with checked flooring, lined with red leather booths in Sheffield is the next best thing.

When it comes to the “dogs”, Rod’s offer a choice of frankfurter, bratwurst, beef frankfurter, chicken frankfurter, not to mention veggie sausages and the increasingly popular (especially amongst the Berlin crowd) the currywurst. Rod’s Dogs don’t just offer any old bangers – their sausages are imported from Germany which are all grilled and not boiled.

Rod’s also offer a choice of toppings including the delicious ‘Kaiser’ option which includes sauerkraut, gherkins and Swiss cheese or the ‘Stars & Stripes’ with streaky bacon, coleslaw, fried onions, cheese and homemade BBQ sauce. I recommend you grab a few napkins if you go for that topping! A good selection of sides are available including regular fries, chilli cheese fries (which includes chilli con carne), coleslaw and onion rings to name a few. And when it comes to beverages, Rod’s offer a great range of beers and shakes. My tip, give the Snick-a-nana a go, there’s a good reason it’s a bestseller!

2. – Pita Wraps @ The Greedy Greek (Sharrowvale Road)

The Greedy Greek could earn my recommendation for their awesome deli offerings alone, but it’s their pita wraps that give it that Top 3 status.

There’s a generous choice of wraps to choose from with classics such as the lamb kofta (my personal favourite), pork and halloumi, Greek chorizo with pork, and the vegetarian wrap which includes humous, butter beans with feta, The Greedy Greek isn’t one for the indecisive!

All wraps come in a warm, plump pitta, with mixed salad and generally tzatziki sauce and strofilia dip. The modest canteen vibes of their deli style seated area seems to work very well too.

3. – Kebabs @ Zeugma Iki (London Road)

So popular is Zeugma on London Road that they had to open a second restaurant within metres of the first. My personal preference is for Zeugma Iki (or Zeugma the second). As you walk through door, you’re immediately greeted by the smell of an open charcoal grill and the sight of the meat slowly turning.

Zeugma has some of the tastiest meat packed with charcoal flavours that I’ve ever come across. They offer up a broad range too: Turkish flat bread, rice and salad (which includes Adana), succulent lamb, mixed with parsley, peppers and chilli, chicken shish or lamb chops. And for those like myself who can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with the mixed grill which has a bit of everything.

The portion sizes are generous too. One course tends to be enough, even for those with hearty appetites. However, if you’re feeling like extras, I’d recommend one of the starters such as humous or the creamy salted charcoal grilled halloumi cheese. The eating experience is relaxed and the staff are friendly… Just arrive hungry!

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