Top 3 “Eat Social” Picks (Mon 14 – Sun 20 Dec.)


Social Sheffield Food Writer, Erin Lawlor, picks her Top 3 “Eat Social” Recommendations for those eating out in Sheffield, Mon. 14 – Sun. 20 Dec. 2015

1. – Claypot Seabass @ Saigon 68 (London Road)

Controversial I know, but I’m not a big fan of asian style soups. I find noodles floating around in broth strange and tad upsetting. So, I always seem super boring whenever I go to asian restaurants. 
Not last time though! Last week I stormed into Saigon 68 (pictured above) determined to try something new! ‘Claypot Seabass’ was my cuisine of choice and it was incredible! Firstly there was enough to feed the 5,000 (as there always is at Saigon 68)…And secondly, there’s the flavour! It was fragrant and delicious with a slight kick of chilli (which is what you always crave from Asian food) and crunchy veg was teamed with falling-to-pieces sea bass. The bamboo shoots were a tad too crunchy for me personally, but the broccoli was to die for. Thank you Saigon 68 for taking me out of my chow mein comfort zone! 

2. – Chips @ The Stag’s Head
 (Psalter Lane)

I’m an easy person to please! Chips. Chips is the way to my heart. Crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. I want them with lashings of gravy, with the option of cheese, not to mention access to an unlimited supply of mayo. I pride myself on being a bit of a chip connoisseur! For example, I know every chip in the world is ‘twice cooked’ and so can readily spot a sneaky restauranteur making a special feature of something that is the norm! Don’t ask me why, but I wasn’t entirely on board with plumping for chips at The Stag, but my gosh were they good! They give a generous portion which is always a must. They didn’t flinch when I asked for mayo. And the chips themselves were crunchy, creamy, fluffy and tasty…And when I came to the last of the chips, I was (just as you should be) suitably devastated! 

3. – Onion Stings @ Urban 1/4 (Kelham Island)

I don’t know what Urban 1/4 do to their onions. They must use some magical substance that makes them highly addictive, but frankly I don’t care. I love them! In fact, love just doesn’t cover it! Yes, yes, yes! Urban 1/4 burgers are fantastic blah, blah, blah, but for me the meal just isn’t complete without bags of those onion strings. I think they cover them in flour and salt and pepper and deep fry them till their crispy, golden and horrifyingly bad for you. I literally can’t get enough! 
Dear Urban 1/4, please post me twelve bags of them for Christmas. I promise I’ve been good!

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Erin is a devoted cookery book lover, amateur baker and cheese obsessor. She spends her days as a Community Manager for Deliverd. She spends her nights eating and writing about food.
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