Top 3 Cultural Events in Sheffield (Mon. 10 – Sun. 16 Oct.)


Social Sheffield Culture Editor, Jak Laight, picks the Top 3 Cultural Events in Sheffield, Mon. 10 – Sun. 16 Oct. 2016.

1. – Off the Shelf 2016 // Until Sat. 29 October // Various locations – – (£0 – £18)

2016 marks the 21st century’s three highly notable literary anniversaries: Shakespeare’s 400th, Charlotte Brontë’s 200th and Off the Shelf’s 25th. This timeliness results in Off the Shelf hosting a number of Shakespeare events (performances, talks, sci-fi), and the première of Brontë Light Night, a screening projected onto the exterior of the Upper Chapel. Off the Shelf is Sheffield’s annual celebration of words, attracting exciting names in literature. This year includes: John Pilger, Tony Robinson, and Howard Middleton (OK, not just literature). With an incredible number and range of events going on every day, you would be hard pressed and unwise to neglect Off the Shelf’s presence throughout October.

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2. – Arrivals: Making Sheffield Home // Until Sun. 12 February // Weston Park Museum – – (FREE)

Photographer Jeremy Abraham is exploring the diversity of our city. With a series of portraits, he documents the stories and experiences of people arriving in Sheffield from overseas; one person for each year since 1945. Coming from the four corners of the world, each person’s story is entirely unique. The reasons for and events leading to their arrival in Sheffield are all hugely different. And yet, a similar vein runs through each person’s tale: Sheffield has become their home; their “sanctuary” (as put by subject Maya Moudnani). Abraham is breaking into the world of photography with force and poignancy.

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3. – The Colony // Until Sat. 3 December // Site Gallery – – (FREE)

Guano is a potent natural fertiliser that grows prolifically on the Chincha Islands. Its discovery in the 19th century resulted in the mass harvesting of guano, squalid working conditions for Chinese labourers, and disputes between colonial rulers. Now uninhabited by humans, the islands have become recolonised by birds. Every few years, workers swarm upon the Chincha Islands to collect more guano. With a panoramic and immersive film installation, Dinh Q Lê investigates the island’s complex history, decaying ruins, and bleak natural beauty. Accompanied by Daniel Wohl’s austere soundscape, this installation at Site Gallery is mesmeric and engaging.

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Adoptive son of Sheffield writing stories and foraging for the best in local culture. Jak loves celebrations of all things creative from new art to food and drink to spoken word.
Jak Laight

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