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Every day, tens of thousands of people across Sheffield pull out their cameras and capture diverse facets of Sheffield and Sheffield life. It’s high time we celebrated our city through its photography! It’s high time we had a festival!

So, in 2017, a group of photography lovers will be launching a Festival of Sheffield Photography (FoSP), a 10-day event to celebrate the best in contemporary Sheffield photography, sponsored by Social Sheffield. At its heart, there will be a Grand Exhibition featuring over a hundred photographers, nothing short of a kaleidoscope of images that when pulled together will paint a captivating portrait of our home, our city in the 21st century.

Of course, the festival isn’t just about celebrating the creativity and diversity of Sheffield, it’s also about celebrating Sheffield as a “Social City”, one that brings people together. It’s about photography lovers creating a big-hearted event by the people for the people. It’s about coming together at six different venues. It’s about residents and visitors sharing perspectives, and business owners looking to hire photographers. It’s about food, drink and live music, and social photography events: walks, talks, tutorials and more besides.

FoSP is an incredible opportunity for photographers of all levels:

– To participate in walks, talks and tutorials
– To meet fellow picture-takers and boost their skills
– To see their work in exhibition and attract significant publicity
– To get to know the businesses and organisations that are hiring photographers
– To sell their photography to thousands of festival attendees (max. £500 per print).

All photography featured at the Festival of Sheffield Photography will be selected from submissions. Amateur and professional photographers alike, have an equal chance of having work selected. The ‘FoSP Selection Committee’ are looking to feature the best photographs of Sheffield and Sheffield life, regardless of who has taken them. A photographer who has captured a rarely-seen aspect of Sheffield or Sheffield life (e.g. homes, families, communities, workplaces, creative spaces, streets, venues, events) has a very strong chance of being selected.

If you think you would like to submit photos for consideration OR if you simply would like to be kept in the loop about the festival, simply complete the “expression of interest” form below.

Having completed the expression of interest form, you will be emailed: “FoSP Submissions Guidelines”; festival updates; and an email reminder one week before the opening of the submissions period to ensure you meet all necessary deadlines.


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