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Amongst other things, Salt Street Productions is known for the heart-stopping short film they made highlighting the potential of the former Sheffield Ski Village. Most recently, they shot a trailer for Marketing Sheffield about “Sheffield, the Outdoor City”. Creative Director, Mick Biggs, met with Ed Birch, Filmmaker and Founder of Salt Street to talk about it’s making.

Hi Ed, this is another beautifully-shot, action-packed short film! What was your intention this time round?

Hey Mick! It’s really about highlighting that Sheffield is an amazing place for adventure and outdoor living. I wanted to put together a kick-ass trailer that showed off as many adventures sports as possible in 90 seconds. The trailer is being used to advertise the ‘Outdoor City Weekender’ which is a weekend-long festival of adventure films, food, drink, and of course sporting events, taking place from Fri. 17 – Sun. 19 March.

As you know, Social Sheffield is all about promoting the value of people coming together, so can you tell me who was involved?

We’re really lucky in Sheffield. Not only do we have all these great activities, but also people are really keen to get involved to tell that story. We were able to pull together paragliders, mountain bikers, fell runners and many more. None of them are professionals. They’re just ordinary people making the most of having all this outdoor space on our doorstep. Behind the camera, we had a great crew from Salt Street headed by myself and consisting of two camera ops and a photographer.

It must have been a pretty difficult film to shoot. How do you do it?

Yeah, shooting a film like this is always difficult… and we were shooting in the middle of winter which was …interesting! Nearly every shot had to be postponed because of sideways snow, rain and wind, often all at once. The ones who toughed it out through the worst of it were the mountain bike kids at Grenoside Woods. The more the weather deteriorated, the happier they were. They would only stop to rub the mud from their eyes and brakes!

What’s next for you guys?

Salt Street always has projects on the go. Unfortunately, I have to keep a few things secret for the time-being. I’d love to do a summer version of this film and include sports we couldn’t include this time round like rowing, camping and horse-riding to name a few. We’re always trying to show Sheffield in an original and exciting way. We’re always interested to hear from people around the city. It’s that social thing. It’s great to share ideas.

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And here are the people who made it all happen:

SALT-STREET Productions (the MAD people that made this happen!) incl. Ed Birch & Joe O’Connor
SALT-STREET Productions Photographer, Dora Dc
FELLRUNNING GIRLS – Anna Paxton Outdoorista Bodil Oudshoorn Elizabeth Kerr
PARKOUR – Liam Norbury
BOULDERING – Danaan Markey Claire Youdale
MTB – Parkwood Springs MTB trail – Dave Camus Oscar Monk Jake Monk
ROAD – Beverly Lucas Adela Carter MIDELINE – Sarah Rixham Jediah Doohan
TRADE – Brian McAlinden Matt Bird
KAYAKING – Harry Carr MTB Grenoside Woods – Josh Lewis
RIPPER KIDES – Maxine Gregory
ENDURO & TRAIL DOG – Richard Baybutt Otto Pup
PARAGLIDER – Theo Warden

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