Finding Sheffield’s Best Cinema


As part of the Social Sheffield Awards, we’re looking to find “Sheffield’s Best Cinema”.

And there are some strong contenders… with the new Light on the Moor, the Curzon, Showroom, Cineworld, Odeon and Vue, not to mention the likes of Penistone Paramount, the Film Unit and Abbeydale Picture House.

Of course, the decision shouldn’t be ours alone! – If we’re truly going to find the best, then it should be “Sheffield’s Best Cinema” as voted by the people of Sheffield!

Vote for Sheffield’s Best Cinema

So, share your knowledge and vote for your favourite cinema in Sheffield… And if you have savvy cinema-loving friends, family or followers, invite them to vote for their favourite cinema too.

And then when all the votes are in, we’ll share the results with you… BUT, we won’t just share “Sheffield’s Best Cinema” with you, we’ll also share Sheffield’s 10 Best Cafes, 10 Best Pubs and Bars, 10 Best Live Music Venues, 10 Best Indian Restaurants, and much more.

In fact, we’ll publish them all in a new guide to going out in Sheffield, The Sheffield Going Out Guide, and we’ll email a FREE COPY to everyone who votes.

Sharing local knowledge… in The Sheffield Going Out Guide

With the Social Sheffield Awards, we’re looking to answer the questions that 1000s of residents, students and visitors ask every day, whenever they’re looking to eat, drink or be entertained, “where shall we go?”… Where shall we go for coffee? For beer? For cocktails? For live music? For club nights? For Chinese food? For Indian food? For Latin American food?

With 100s of places to socialise in the city, finding Sheffield’s best cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants isn’t easy… Fortunately, tens of thousands of people regularly go out in Sheffield… So, the very best way to answer people’s “going out” questions is by bringing together all that local knowledge, and then sharing it!

So vote for your favourite venues here and when all the votes are in… We’ll pool all that local “going out” knowledge, and publish it in a comprehensive guide to going out in Sheffield, The Sheffield Going Out Guide, featuring all the best places as voted by the Sheffield people… And what’s more, we’ll email a FREE COPY to everyone who votes.

Sharing your social posts on social media

Voting in the Social Sheffield Awards is open from 7 July – 31 Aug.

During the voting period, we’re keen to remind people about Sheffield’s best cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants, what they look and feel like, and what they do well.

So if you’re a blogger, a photographer or just someone who likes to share good stuff on social media… And if you would like to shine a light on what a particular venue does well, with a great photo, a written recommendation, or comment… Then share it on Twitter with one hashtag #socialsheffield and a link to the voting form and if we like it, we’ll share it with @socialsheffield’s followers.

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