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During the Social Sheffield Awards, more than 7000 people shared their knowledge of going out in Sheffield and voted for the city’s best social spaces.

Their knowledge revealed the Best Cafes, the Best Pubs and Bars, the Best Places for Breakfast, for Sunday Lunch, for Real Ale, for Cocktails, for Chinese food, for Indian food, for Live Music, Cinema, Theatre, and much more.

Now we’re going to take all that knowledge and make it available to Sheffield’s residents, students and visitors in one easy-to-use guide, The Social Sheffield Going Out Guide… So that whenever someone in Sheffield is faced with that question “where shall we go?”, they can draw upon the knowledge of thousands!

And when it comes to describing what each venue does well, we’ll throw that open too, so that you can have your say! Simply tell us about your favourite venues below… And if we think your insights will be useful to people going out in Sheffield, we’ll include them in the guide and credit you!


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