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Anna Roberts

A marketing manager and copywriter, Anna is also a keen Sheffield foodie who embodies the "live like a tourist" ethos. Contact:

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3 Top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes in Sheffield

In selecting the top 5 vegetarian and vegan cafes in Sheffield, we’ve sought out those cafes that not only serve great vegetarian food, but are also great cafes in which to enjoy it. Give us your verdict on Sheffield’s vegetarian and vegan cafes in the comments below! 1) Blue Moon…

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0 Zara’s Restaurant Recommendation

Located on Crookes High Street, Zara’s restaurant is without doubt one of Sheffield’s finest Indian restaurants. It offers traditional dishes as well as dishes to cater for more contemporary tastes. Anna Roberts goes along and shares her recommendation. Food: Zara’s has a range of Indian curries on its menu, including…

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0 ‘Café des Amis’ Recommendation

Café des Amis is a Turkish Restaurant with a French cafe feel …and it’s located on Chesterfield Road! Anna Roberts share her recommendation of Café des Amis. Food: Café des Amis serves a range of Turkish and French-style cuisines, such as slow-cooked lamb stews or stuffed aubergines. Their speciality safaihs are a range of…