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I'm a Venue Marketing Specialist. I help cafes, bars and restaurants transform their marketing, build stronger relationships with their customers, and get more custom with less effort.

0 Filming Sheffield the Outdoor City

Amongst other things, Salt Street Productions is known for the heart-stopping short film they made highlighting the potential of the former Sheffield Ski Village. Most recently, they shot a trailer for Marketing Sheffield about “Sheffield, the Outdoor City”. Creative Director, Mick Biggs, met with Ed Birch, Filmmaker and Founder of…

0 Interview: Sheffield Artist, Andy Cropper

Ahead of his upcoming show Uncertain Spaces & Obscure Views which is coming to Bank Street Arts from Thurs. 24 Nov. – Sat. 3 Dec., urbanist Mick Biggs sat down with artist Andy Cropper to discuss his paintings and the inspiration behind them. As a painter, you have a particular…

0 Bringing Pop-up Film Screenings to Sheffield

Mick Biggs talks to Claire Hunt, owner of The Village Green Events Co., about her plan to bring outdoor film screenings to Sheffield. Hi Claire! So you’re going to be screening films on top of the Q-park on Castlegate? Yeah. It’s going to be fun! We’ll be screening three films…

0 ‘Just Do Good Shit’ Exhibition at Sheffield Design Week

WHAT? Eleven of Sheffield’s best graphic design agencies come together this week as part of the Just Do Good Shit exhibition at Sheffield Design Week. WHO? The eleven participating studios are: The Cafeteria, Ded, Defeye, DMSQD, Du.St, Field, Jaywing, Kiosk, Nick Deakin, Side by Side and We Are. Each of…

0 Recommended: ‘The Look of Silence’ (Dir. Joshua Oppenheimer, 2015)

It’s not easy making the case for watching documentaries. As a society, we’re quick to flop in front of mindless entertainment and shun that which might engage our hearts and minds. Of course, documentaries can be heart-in-your-mouth viewing. Watching real people on screen, learning about their lives, exploring what drives…

Social Scene
0 Sheffield Ski Village – Time for Action!

There’s been much talk over the last few years about the sorry state of Sheffield Ski Village. It’s been three years since it burnt down and three years since it was announced that skiing in Sheffield would ‘rise from the ashes’, but three years later the site is still broken…

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5 The 12 Best Cafes in Sheffield

So here’s our choice of the 12 Best Cafes in Sheffield…We couldn’t settle on 10 or even 11, so here’s our favourite 12! Bragazzi’s, Abbeydale Road Bragazzi’s has a hotch-potch Italian look that’s difficult to resist. With bric-a-brac furnishings, Italian imagery on the walls and a vespa parked out front,…