Social Sheffield Photographers

dan cook
Dan Cook
I’m inspired by the natural world, and through my photos I try and capture that moment of inspiration. I shoot in and around Sheffield including the Peak District & Lake District.
Check out Dan’s Photo Gallery
gareth fearn
Gareth Fearn
The idea of being able to freeze time and capture a moment that will never be seen again is what created my interest in photography.
Charlie Heather-Cray, Sheffield Photographer
Charlotte Heather-Cray
Charlotte is a weddings and profile photographer working in and around Sheffield.
She also is one of Sheffield’s best venue and event photographers.
In her spare time, she travels.
mufaddal zohair
Mufaddal Zohair
Mufaddal is a student at the University of Sheffield. He’s really passionate about portrait and landscape photography. He loves stars, he could just sit all night and stare at the stars over Sheffield, when it’s not raining that is.
Jason Lim
Jason Lim
Jason is a photo enthusiast fascinated by greenery landscape, architecture and man-made wonders (food and coffee). He travels to places near and far as much as he can and endeavours to live everyday like a tourist.
Check out Jason’s Photo Gallery
Jo Maycock
Two of my greatest passions in life are the city I live in and photography. I have a design and illustration background so enjoy capturing moments and sometimes manipulating the image. I love experimenting! Veering between a love of urban photography and landscape/nature, Sheffield is the perfect place to practice both.
Check out Jo’s Photo Gallery
Jamie Lavington - Social Sheffield
Jamie Lavington
I like to explore new places, be that in and around Sheffield or further afield. I’m inspired by anything and everything really. If I like the look of something, I’ll capture it.
Check out Jamie’s Photo Gallery
Tom Kahler - Social Sheffield
Tom Kahler
In my opinion, a good photograph is made up of nothing more than subject, composition, interesting light and nice tones. As a photographer, it’s my aim to seek out a combination of these four things to produce something special.
Check out Tom’s Photo Gallery
Elizabeth Crook - Social Sheffield
Elizabeth Crook
As an architecture student, I am encouraged to constantly look for inspiration around me. This has taught me to notice everyday things which are often overlooked and I use photography to document these moments.
Check out Elizabeth’s Photo Gallery
Josh Kemp-Smith - Social Sheffield
Josh Kemp-Smith
I spend most of my time exploring the stunning landscape of the Peak District, seeking out new compositions and usually getting a little too excited over fog.
Check out Josh’s Photo Gallery
Harry Bowden - Social Sheffield
Harry Bowden
If you take enough photos some are bound to be good. My interest in photography started a couple of years ago with landscapes and has slowly developed into urban scenes. I’m hoping to expand into portraits soon if I find some willing subjects.
Check out Harry’s Photo Gallery or email him.

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