Tramlines Interview with ‘Inherit the Stars’


If you’re looking for something different to mainstream pop, then with Inherit The Stars you’re in for a treat. Possibly the loveliest rock band ever, and with good music to match, the band are destined for great things, and are ready to put in the work to get there. Social Sheffield music writer, Francesca Rolle, talks to Dan, Lewis, Chris, and stand-in drummer Mark, on their experiences as a band, and their upcoming Tramlines gig.

Francesca: Nice question to start off with, what’s your favourite venue to play in Sheffield?
Inherit The Stars: Tough one that, going to go with Corp or Leadmill, just ‘cause we’ve got nice memories of playing there, with Don Broco, Red, and our first ever major tour we played there and sold out. Tramlines will be our first time on the main stage there as well.

F: What would be your dream venue or festival be to headline?
ITS: Warp Tour in America, for us being English. You see bands like While She Sleeps going there from Sheffield as well and making a name for themselves in America it would just be incredible for us to go over into a different country.

F: You were all friends beforehand, but what was the moment you think you went from being a group of musicians, to actually being a band?
ITS: We always had the drive to make it our career, but when we started taking it really seriously was when we did our album, because it was the first time we sat down to write for a reason, not just to get together and jam. We started to think of it as an actual investment.

F: What annoying habits do you all have?
ITS: Oh my god. You learn to hate each other so much that it’s just unconditional love, so you can’t hate each other anymore. Everything that could be said has been said. We live together so we’re constantly in each other’s faces.

F: So what’s the best show you’ve ever played?
ITS: There’s been a few where the room’s just bouncing and we’ve made some proper decent fans. The EP party at Corp because everyone knew all the words, Dan could drop out singing and it was still as loud as if he was, which was just such a cool moment.

F: And what’s the worst?
ITS: One was at a bowling alley in Barnsley, and Mike Tyson were next door. We were just playing this metal music that no one had ever heard before to people trying to enjoy bowling. We got heckled and everything. But we’ve never come off stage feeling bad, and we’ve always made at least one fan which rescues it.

F: What’s been your biggest learning curve so far?
ITS: Never to expect anything of anything from anyone. Someone could get that as a tattoo. In reality it all comes down to how much hard work you put in yourself. Be prepared for a reality check, because the goal post is always further away than you think it is.

F: Have you got any specific advice for other bands?
ITS: Buy a van and get out there and play anywhere and as much as you can.

F: And who writes the songs?
ITS: Dan and Theo basically locked themselves in a rehearsal room for a month for the first album, every day, eight hours a day. Theo does a lot of the arrangement and Dan does all of the melody and the words, then we send it off to Jim, who says ‘this is really good, this is really bad, scrap this song, write a better one’. It’s a constant refinement from start to finish to make it the best it can be.

F: What’s your outlook on the record industry today?
ITS: Absolutely wrecked. It’s haggard. But there’s a lot of indie labels who are making it a lot better, who are about getting the bands who do work hard. There’s this cliché in music where if you’re not this middle class kid with money and someone backing you, you aren’t going to get anywhere, and it’s a cliché because it’s true. But for us, it’s alright ‘caus we’re very niche, so we’ve got our own little corner.

F: How are you feeling about playing Tramlines?
ITS: Awesome, it’s definitely our biggest show to date. Naturally nervous as well, but really excited. And it’s Lewis’ birthday.

You can catch Inherit the Stars at The Leadmill on Friday 24th at 19:00

Photography by Sammi Sparke
With thanks to The Old House for providing the interview venue.

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