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In memory of Peter Cook, the mirror-wielding scourge of the Establishment. Righter of wrongs, writer of rights, night-owl howling at the moon, all round good egg and tarty loon.

0 Sheffield’s 10 Best High-End Restaurants

Which are Sheffield’s best high-end restaurants? Even deciding which are “high-end” is difficult. So we left it to the people of Sheffield to decide… And in the end, more than 7000 people voted! Here then are “Sheffield’s 10 Best High-End Restaurants”, along with a relative newcomer that we think is…

0 Sheffield’s 10 Best Cafes

“Amazing coffee”, “It’s just very chilled”, “The staff are superb!”… Over 7000 Sheffielders voted for the city’s best cafes! Here are their picks of the best.

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